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Sacred Taco

Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy the Experience

Sacred Taco came out of a dedicated love for Oaxacan Food while simultaneously wanting to push the boundaries of the Taco restaurant industry. It always seemed like the quality of the proteins were poor or the quality of the service was even worse. With so much potential in Mexican food, why not honor and represent this food as it should be made? 

When they all started using pre packaged tortillas, we use fresh, house made tortillas.

When they started using “grade D” beef, we use Choice Tri-Tip.

When they started getting bottled lime juice, we started juicing twice a day….for incredible margaritas.

When they followed the basic taco recipes, we created new and exciting takes on ALL of them.

When they started selling you the “trendy” tequilas, we sold the tastiest and most honest tequilas.

Expect unique tacos. Expect well balanced, fresh Margaritas. Expect us to be genuinely happy to see you in our restaurant.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do things in a much better way. We will continue to offer the most creative food we can think of. One thing that is for certain, making you the best tacos on earth is our goal. A lofty goal? Perhaps…but we think we’ll get there.

With Love,

Sacred Taco

Our decor

Rustic Style

When we decided to build this restaurant; we always knew it was going to be a complete labor of love. We didn’t do anything “Cookie Cutter”. Every piece of wood was sanded and polished by us. Every table was constructed by a small group of us. Even the wall art was painted by friends and loved ones. It simply needed to be this way. How else could we bring the authenticity of Oaxaca into our new home away from home.

We built this restaurant for the community and our neighbors. It was designed to host your parties, receptions and gatherings. We look forward to being a small part of those events with you.

Quality Ingredients

House made tortillas, Choice Tri-Tip, hand squeezed limes. Great ingredients and we put in the work to make sure all the food made at Sacred Taco is prepared properly with quality ingredients. 

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